How many people go missing in Tasmania?

How many people go missing in Tasmania?

Tasmania, the small island state in Australia, is known for its stunning natural beauty and diverse wildlife. However, like any other place, it also faces the problem of people going missing. This article aims to explore the statistics and reasons behind the number of missing persons in Tasmania.

Missing Persons Statistics

Tasmania has a relatively lower number of missing persons compared to the other Australian states. According to the latest available data, an average of 500 people are reported missing each year in Tasmania.

Rural vs. Urban

The majority of missing persons cases in Tasmania occur in more remote and rural areas. This can be attributed to the vast wilderness and rugged terrain that makes it easier for individuals to go unnoticed or face difficulties while exploring the outdoors.


The demographic distribution of missing persons in Tasmania is relatively consistent, with no significant variations in terms of age or gender. However, a higher proportion of missing cases involve young adults and teenagers.

Reasons for Going Missing

Several factors contribute to the number of missing persons in Tasmania:

    How many people go missing in Tasmania?
  • Outdoor activities: Tasmania is a popular destination for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. People can go missing due to accidents, getting lost, or encountering unexpected challenges while exploring the wilderness.
  • Mental health issues: Individuals with mental health conditions are more susceptible to going missing. Tasmania, like many other places, faces challenges in providing adequate support and resources for those dealing with mental health issues.
  • Personal circumstances: Some missing persons cases in Tasmania are a result of personal circumstances, such as family disputes, domestic violence, or individuals choosing to disappear intentionally.

Search and Rescue Efforts

When a person is reported missing in Tasmania, local authorities initiate search and rescue operations. These efforts involve collaboration between police, search and rescue teams, emergency services, local communities, and volunteers. Tasmania has well-developed search and rescue protocols to expedite the search process.

The number of people going missing in Tasmania is relatively lower compared to other Australian states. However, it is still a concern for the local community and law enforcement. Understanding the reasons behind these cases and continuously improving search and rescue efforts can help minimize the number of missing persons and ensure a safer environment for all residents and visitors in Tasmania.

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